Monday, February 7, 2011

Week Two Hogwarts Crest

Cross Stitch:

Week Two - January 31 to February 6

Everything is going swimmingly! Although I spent most of the week removing stitches or working on something else, I believe it is coming out quite well. 

I did have to go out and get more floss. I had to go to two Micheals stores since one ran out of Black. I was shocked since they have about six tubs for black and they were all out! But I eventually got what I needed. And my boyfriend didn't even mind! I think he enjoys going to the arts store just as much as me! He wanders around and drags me to different sections looking at everything. He's adorable. He's like a kid in a candy store!

In Other News:

I have signed up for my first official craft swap on Craftster! It's a newbie swap since it is my first and I am very excited to start! I have some ideas on what I want to try but will tailor it to my swap partner. I have until March 11th to send out my package so I will have to organize my time wisely to still work on my projects as well as this one. OOOH! I can just see the possibilities! 

I love the idea of craft swaps!

Keep crafting,

1 comment:

Lee said...

Looking FAB!!!
Is it a themed swap?!?
I've never gone in one before either. I probably won't get the chance as my to-do list is currently on it's third lap of the universe as we speak -_^!
Can't wait to see the finished crest!!