Monday, February 14, 2011

Week Three Hogwarts Crest

Cross Stitch:

Week Three - February 7 - February 13

Sorry for the very late post. This past week has been extra crazy and I only had a few days to work on this project. Tuesday I went bowling with momma, her boyfriend, his son and my boy. Wednesday was a mad dash to the dentist (whom told me I have to get a root canal) who sent me to an Endodontist (root canal specialist)... basically it took all day for someone relying on transit. 

Thursday was spent in major pain from all the poking and prodding from the dentists and I didn't eat anything all day due to the constant pain. I spent Thrusday crocheting as my mind doesn't have to work too hard thinking pattern-wise and on a few other mindless craft projects for my Craftster swap. Friday was basically the same.

Saturday was my Valentine's day with boy. He made me heart shaped cookies decorated with smarties. I also got a lottery ticket, a HMV gift card and a bag of cinnamon hearts (which I will enjoy for a while after the surgery).

Now, this upcoming week will be just as bad. I will be getting my root canal Wednesday and I have a job interview Tuesday (I hope the meds don't upset my stomach and have to cancel. I can't think of anything more embarrassing than having diarrhea while on a job interview!!! I have always been sensitive to antibiotics since I am allergic to penicillin - ugh) and today was spent running around (with a lot of bad luck) to fill my prescription.

I do hope to get back into full swing in the next two weeks. You can't see, but I've gotten a scroll style x-stitch holder (valentine's gift from mom)! I like that I have more room to work with but I don't like that the tension can't always be controlled. It keeps unraveling and there is no horizontal tension.

I may be on hiatus until next week. Gook luck on your projects!

Keep crafting,

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