Friday, February 4, 2011

Deconstruction of a badger...

Not much work done on the Hogwarts piece this week. I spent all of Monday working on finishing the Tucan and Sam parrot piece and the better part of Tuesday and Wednesday working on taking out the grey scale stitches in my Hogwarts Crest piece.

I decided I like the piece with black and white for the animals instead. And let me tell you, trying to take out stitches in a 22 count canvas should not be taken lightly. I did a lot of work on my badger on Tuesday just to rip it out later that day. The greys started to look yellow and green and it was making the piece look odd. By choosing white as the fill in colour It really makes the other colours on the crest pop.

Also, I went out to get some white and black floss and bought a plastic tote for them. Instead of continuing on my project, I've been transferring my floss to the bobbins and then colour coding them. It's taking a while since I have about 60 pieces of floss and three different brands to wind and I don't want to mix them up! Another thing that's taking a while is to differentiate I've been making my own bobbin holders out of card board so I know which one is DMC and which one is Rose Brand and J&P Coats floss. I know I'll be using DMC more because the store close by sells these ones and most patterns use these DMC, however when I make my own patterns I'll choose the other colours to get rid of them and since I have more of a selection.

Back to winding, I suppose. And once that's done... I'm Going Back to Hogwarts!


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