Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dual Sided Spiral Scrubbie *With Tutorial*

Hey there ladies and gents!

I made this scrubbie over a one hour period this weekend and thought I would share.

It's great for exfoliation, taking off make up, dishes and household cleanings! Best part is, make a bunch then throw them in the wash and use them again! They don't take up a lot of yarn either so take out your yarn scraps and lets get going!

What you'll need:
Size 5 hook.
Stitch marker.
Yarn needle.
Optional: For a soft and courser side, use a softer yarn for the front or for a dual colour scrubbie use two different colours.

Row 1 - Chain 4 (optional: use colour one/softer yarn), slip stich into first chain from hook. (4)
Row 2 - Chain 8 into loop. Do Not Turn. (8)
Row 3 - Start spiral by single stitching into 1st chain of row 3. Single crochet twice in each stitch. Chain in front loop only. (16)
Row 4 - *Single crochet in next stitch then two single crochet in next stitch* repeat until start of row. (24)
Row 5 - *Single crochet in next two stitches then two single crochet in next stitch* repeat until start of row. (32)
Row 6 - Chain one. *half double crochet in next three stitches then two half double crochet in next stitch* repeat until start of row. (So make things easier, sew in beginning tail here.) (40) (optional: change to colour two/courser yarn)
Row 7 - Chain ten (or however long you want the "thumb" or hanging bit to be), connect to next available stitch with a half double crochet. Single crochet in each stitch (40) and over "thumb" loop (about 20 stitches or enough to cover whole "thumb"). (60)
Row 8 - Turn. Single crochet into last stitch of row 7. Working in back stitches, single stitch until center of spiral. (Approx 40) Slip stitch into sixth chain from hook. Finish by sewing in tail. Ta - da! Done!

I would love to see photos of anyone who tries it! Let me know if there are any mistakes or if you would like an in-depth photo tutorial, too! I made this after the fact and had to go by memory.

NOTE: Feel free to make these as gifts but do not claim this pattern as your own and please do not use this pattern to sell.

Keep Crafting!