Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ties and Sailor Moon info

Yesterday my mom and I went out to garage sales. I got about 100+ ties for about $10 so I can make about 7-10 skirts out of them and the leftovers I can make into purses and stuff. I'm really excited. Also on our outing, I found a VHS of Sailor Moon S. I got it for about 50 cents so I hope it works. Another bargin yesterday was a school girl's skirt uniform which I can use for a Maka Albarn cosplay costume if I choose to make it. It was $1 and the skirt has built in shorts. Big plus. Cheap and I don't have to wear shorts underneath.

I would like to have a model form duty as soon as possible.Whenever I find one it's too big. Finding one that's smaller than my dimensions is ideal so I can pad the areas to my specifications. My mom and I come close to finding them on several occasions but they end up being too big. Perhaps some time this week I'll convince her to wrap me in duct tape and make a body cast until I can find one to use.

I bought the Sailor Venus gloves a few days ago. They were 50% off since it's prom season so I saved $8. Now that my dog is here at my mom's I can't do a lot of sewing since I sew on the main floor and that is the only floor the dog is allowed on. My dog can be nosy and my mom and I are afraid she'll get into my needles or something.

I should be heading back to my dad's next week or something. I'm sick so I don't have a lot of strength. Also it's a feat to just do anything without coughing up a lung. The doctor's don't know what it is but whenever they diagnose it's always different. Allergies. Common cold. Ear infection. If they actually listened to me and my symptoms I'd be up and about. Nevermind.

I'm looking for another character to cosplay for FanExpo. I'm hoping Sailor Venus will be done for then so I'll have plenty of time to find and design another costume. I was actually going to call up my sister (who's currently in Europe) and ask if she wanted me to make her a Sailor Moon or Mercury costume for Halloween. But then I realized I'd likely kill myself doing a commission. I'll wait until she comes back in August to figure out if I'll make her costume and if what she picks is doable.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sailor Venus: Two

So I'm hopefully going to work on my costuming stuff today. This week has been crazy (allergies, doctors appointments and Twilight) makes this costumer a bit overwhelmed. Yesterday I had a doctors appointment to see where my health is at since it's been on the fritz for a long time now. Got a blood test and 14 viles of blood later I was a bit woozy. About two hours after that I got a deep tissue massage and basically passed out as soon as I got home. I'm still tired today and am hopefully going to take it easy. I may just read and nap all day today and have a fresh new start tomorrow.

Anyway, I was wandering around my friend Nicole's costume blog and found a few sites that would help me with my Sailor Senshi costume:
I'm still looking for a good tutorial on the sailor senshi tiaras and trying to find a complete prop/costume list for Sailor Venus and the other senshi as I plan on making everything detatchable so I can switch up the character when I want to.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Currently: Sailor Venus and a Vest

I'm working on a Sailor Venus costume for Fan Expo (need to plan another costume to wear next day!!!) and a McCall's Vest.

The Sailor Venus costume started out ok. I made the yellow bum bow. That's done, yay! The skirt has a hiccup as it came out a little bigger than my waist. Stupid math. So I can either buy more fabric (and by buy fabric I mean go to another store since I bought out all the orange fabric at the one close to my house) or somehow fix it without killing my circle skirt. I plan on having this costume done end of June-mid July.

The Vest (M5887 "A") was only slightly evil. I'm still working on it but since I'm at my mom's and she's off work she wants to do crazy stuff everyday. I can hardly find the time or energy for it. When I do have time I just collapse and take a nap since I'm too exhausted. Stupid health!

I'm still getting used to Arnold and so I make many little mistakes that take time to fix. Like I was using the wrong seam allowance and had to redo everything I did. It didn't take long to re-sew it, just took an hour and a half to seam ripp everything (and I still have two pannels to ripp). If I was at my dad's (who is always working during the day and my step mom gets back around 6ish) I would be done this vest in two days. However, since I'm at my mom's, this thing will be done (so-help-me-god) by the end of the week. It's only monday afterall...

First Post

I decided to create a blog after my sister did for her pilgrimage in France/Spain. I was reading up on her latest entry when I realized we are both setting out on journeys. She is traveling by foot from one country to another in Europe while I am starting my interest in costuming. I really should have started this in March during my costuming class because there would be pages and pages of ranting and raving about my professor, classmates, assignments and evil fabric but as that was a very evil time, I will keep that to myself and start now as I embark on this costuming journey on my own. With a few best friends who actually know what they are doing, I will be able to reach the ultimate goal; attend the historical costuming program in Dalhousie with my BFF for the September 2010 term.

So here I go! To cosplaying, Arnold (my sewing machine), and Nicole who will be embarking on this journey with me.