Monday, June 1, 2009

Currently: Sailor Venus and a Vest

I'm working on a Sailor Venus costume for Fan Expo (need to plan another costume to wear next day!!!) and a McCall's Vest.

The Sailor Venus costume started out ok. I made the yellow bum bow. That's done, yay! The skirt has a hiccup as it came out a little bigger than my waist. Stupid math. So I can either buy more fabric (and by buy fabric I mean go to another store since I bought out all the orange fabric at the one close to my house) or somehow fix it without killing my circle skirt. I plan on having this costume done end of June-mid July.

The Vest (M5887 "A") was only slightly evil. I'm still working on it but since I'm at my mom's and she's off work she wants to do crazy stuff everyday. I can hardly find the time or energy for it. When I do have time I just collapse and take a nap since I'm too exhausted. Stupid health!

I'm still getting used to Arnold and so I make many little mistakes that take time to fix. Like I was using the wrong seam allowance and had to redo everything I did. It didn't take long to re-sew it, just took an hour and a half to seam ripp everything (and I still have two pannels to ripp). If I was at my dad's (who is always working during the day and my step mom gets back around 6ish) I would be done this vest in two days. However, since I'm at my mom's, this thing will be done (so-help-me-god) by the end of the week. It's only monday afterall...

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amariel said...

I wouldn't worry too much about the skirt yet, seriously. Wait until you have your hip roll ready and you can arrange that skirt on it.