Saturday, March 12, 2011

Long Overdue

Hello all,

I know I've been a little lacking in my posts lately. It's all for good reason. I have gotten my G1, had trouble with linking up my youtube/google accounts, finished up my craftster swap and found a job! All that have sucked up my time and energy!

I have kept crafting, though. With my Hogwarts piece on hold for another week or two as my hands itched to pick up the crochet hook again, I've been making simple and very plain granny squares. I want to make a blanket with them so I've been using up scraps of yarn to create six inch squares. I want them to be crocheted together with black so it has a 1970s/Brady Bunch feel to them while being very simple.

 17 Completed Granny Squares

I calculated that I would need about 40 or 48 (5x8 or 6x8 with 1.5" between them) would create a lovely sofa blanket. I'm at 17 completed now (with six more on the way). I don't want to have any double squares so I need to ask around if anyone has any worsted yarn that I may steal for it. I know my step mom may have some but her yarn may be accounted for for future projects. *huff*

I need to ask around for charity yarn donations! Anyone out there willing to donate, let me know and I'll be forever grateful!

I was thinking I may make some flowers or other decoration to go on some squares but I will decide when it's finished if I like it plain. That way I can use the smaller yarn bits that were not long enough to make the six inch squares.


I will be meeting up with my craft swap partner today! She has been having some family troubles and it's been hard to get a hold of her or to find a time we can meet up and swap, but we can finally meet up sometime today and I will be giving her my package and she will be giving me hers. I can't wait to see what goodies she made. I hope that she likes everything I made her!

Well, I will post tomorrow with everything I made for her since it will no longer be secret and I will try to post everything that she sent me.

It was a great experience and a great way for me to try new crafts and techniques and to kick my but into gear for the deadline! I will most likely do another swap in the future but I do not think it will be very soon. I know with my lack of energy from work I won't be able to meet any deadlines. Also, I want to save up a bit so I can buy new supplies and save for postage!

Keep Crafting,

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