Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flash Your Stash!!

I was tagged by the lovely Lee from Totallee.net a while back to "flash my stash".

It's actually scary. I tried to get a photo of all of my stash but as I type this, my dad found a bunch of stashed yarn behind the sofa *sheepish grin*.

I have found places to hide things in this tiny house of mine I'm forgetting where I have them all. I am trying to organize and keep them (somewhat) clean...

Here goes: (Ye be warned: mess follows)

My main stash. Container full of other containers filled with beads, cross stitch, magnet and jewelery supplies, paint, clue, and other odds and ends. On the book shelf is my embroidery floss, markers and in the bag is fabric.
Top view of above.
Back/side view of the bead containers. Glue guns, cross stitch fabric, tissue paper, and more sewing supplies...
On the bookshelf rests a basket of craft swap supplies: Paper, ink, stamps, watercolour pencil crayons, wax crayons, frame, white/cork board, stickers...
All my sketch pads, note pads, beading books, cross stitch patters, crochet book and sewing books...
Current crochet project with more beads and glue and my crochet hooks in their hook roll (green flowers in bucket)... Stain glass window Afghan WIP.
My cork board with my pins and the place I put my handmade thumbtacks and my friends business cards...
Under my "clothes dump" director chair: Pillow form, My Tucan and Sam needlepoint project and another WIP lap blanket...
Other side of closet: Purses, fabric, bags, blank shirts for printing/altering, finished crochet projects...
Above closet: Magazines, photo books, hats and costume supplies...
Basement storage: fabric tote (note the blue satin bow from the unfinished Sailor Venus costume), All bags filled with fabric and tulle and lace or fake flowers. Cutting board/ironing board in front.
Box filled with feathers, fabric, paper supplies. Underneath rests my two totes filled with neckties.
Sewing corner (note Arnold my sewing machine is not present since I lent him to my great aunt visiting from Italy). My sewing box named Burt on top of muslin and in the H&M bag is my vinyl.

Well, that's it... for my dad's house. I have a lot more at my moms and hiding around the house.

My boyfriend promises me a craft room once we get our own place. I better get one!!!!

Keep Crafting (and stay clean and organized!!!)

1 comment:

Lee said...

HOLY WOW WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!
That man of yours had better get you a craft room!!!!!!! lol
Priority number one after viewing that lot!! Wow!
I can't wait for the stained glas afghan! The colours you've got there are so gorgeous <3!
See the problem with taking pics of your sketch and craft books is that I REALLY wanna flip through them and can't!! -_^!
Awesome stash! J to the ealous!
P.s. Mine is so crap compared to everyone else's lol