Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I have recently joined a crocheting/knitting website and I am so glad I did. The patterns are endless. I have so many ideas on what to make and what to give for Christmas. I'm planning to make my sister a Tardis pillow (hopefully that works out) and my boyfriend's sister a Mario Luma plushie.

The Tardis will be a bit more intense as I would need to modify a pattern and find a pillow... but in theory it seems very doable. I also found a Tardis blanket that I know she'd love but it will have to wait until her birthday because that thing is MENTAL! and I would need to find the correct blue to make it.

As for boyfriend, I don't know yet. His birthday is coming up and he wants me to buy him his tattoo... but he says depending on the price he doesn't want me to spend too much... so perhaps a pair of NIN wrist cuffs. If all goes great with my sisters pillow, I may make him a Torchwood one. But I'm still working things out.

Now to think of things for boy's Momma, boy's father, boy's brother, my momma, momma's boyfriend, step sister (a cowl maybe?) and step mom. Oh and BFF (can't write anything here... she actually reads my blog). Dad won't like anything I get/make him anyway... so that one's going to be tough.

Right now I need to shower (got a temp job and start in two days) and finish spa treatment. Need to start my nails (painting them before bed) and then start the plushie. Need to start now before I run out of time!


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