Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's that time of year again...

Yes, it's that time of year again. I don't know what it is about September that suddenly makes me want to redecorate, but when the beginning of September rolls around I have to change something in my room. Perhaps it's due to my living in residence and I decorated my room for the start of the school year... or perhaps it's just Fall. Who knows!

Last year it was the need to paint (which was postponed until July since my dad refused to allow me to paint my walls green so I convinced him on a sky blue) where as this year it's putting up photos.

I love Ireland. So I used an old calendar of scenic Ireland my mom got me for Chirstmas a few years ago and I got twelve cheap glass photo frames and went to work. I did this for my final year in University and it took this long to finally say: "That's it! They're going up!".

And so they are.

They are just above my bed and my step mom are afraid they will come crashing down on me while I sleep. I demonstrated by kicking and punching the wall (much to the disdain to my shared wall neighbours) that they may rattle but wont fall... and if they do then they will fall down between the bed and the wall and not hurt me.

Today was productive. It was my dad's birthday and boy came over for lunch. Then we chilled for a few hours watching the Back to the Future marathon and a bit of Criminal Minds (I passed out for an hour and can't remember what the episode was).Now Dad is downstairs chilling, boy is back home taking care of his sick brother, my sister is back at my Moms and I'm here working on some crochet projects.

All in all, it is that time of year.


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